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Crapchat: Amidst Update Criticism, Snapchat Rolls Out Cute Valentine’s Day Features

Snapchat has been under fire recently for their new update, which users find unnecessary, confusing, and more difficult to navigate than ever before. You have to give credit where it’s due, though: the app reigns supreme at creating cutesy holiday filters, stickers, and surprises. This Valentine’s Day is no exception.

The most noticeable difference Snapchat enacted for February 14th is probably Snap Maps. This feature, which shows your friends’ location via Bitmoji, has been given a pink, mushy makeover. The entire map is rose-colored and speckled with swan boats and heart-shaped trees. Friends or partners that are in the same location are shown eating heart-shaped pizzas, enjoying a heart-shaped boxed of chocolates, or with some flowers.

Snapchat via Mashable

Anyone traveling on Valentine’s Day gets a makeover, too. Instead of being in a plane, users are shown in a heart-shaped hot air balloon. Practicality at its finest!

The app also rolled out a bunch of exclusive stickers and some of their famous filters, so your Snaps can all be V-Day themed (if you can figure out how to send them).

[via Mashable]

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