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‘Crashing’ Season 2 Trailer: Does Pete Holmes Have Star Quality?

CREDIT: HBO via YouTube

The first season of HBO’s Crashing followed comedian Pete Holmes as a version of himself breaking into professional comedy and crashing on friends’ couches following his wife’s infidelity. Based on the Season 2 trailer, it looks like the show is moving away from the specific nature of its titular premise and instead just focusing on what its characters are all about, which sitcoms are wont to do as they figure themselves out.

So if you watch the trailer below, you’ll get to see Pete and his “dorky dad at a barbecue” vibe as he hangs out with a bunch of comedian guest stars, folks like Artie Lange, Dave Attell, Whitney Cumming, and Bill Burr. Keith and Kenny Lucas eat pizza.

Crashing Season 2 premieres January 14. Watch the trailer a few inches below:

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