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A Crazy Season 8 Spoiler for ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler Just Got Released!

This post contains potential spoilers for the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 8

Despite the Game of Thrones Crew’s best efforts to keep the lid as tightly shut as possible on Season 8 spoilers , it looks like some cats might have gotten out of the bag nonetheless. Some fan photos were snapped on the set of Season 8, and they may have accidentally contained some pretty big spoilers.

At the Belfast set of Winterfell Castle, some fans stumbled upon some unexpected potential spoilers. In an image surfacing on Tuesday, we find Winterfell engulfed in flames – both on the inside and the outer fortifications of the castle. Yeah, looks like Winterfell is gonna burn to the ground in season 8.

Will the Stark family never find peace!!!

I mean – seriously – Sansa and Jon just got the castle back only a couple of seasons ago, and Martin is wrenching it away? Not that we weren’t warned of something this cruel happening recently by Queen Cersei herself. And she did say season 8 would be “bittersweet”. 

I was just hoping Hedley was lying…

Over social media the speculations about what may be the cause of Winterfell’s demise is spreading like the Alchemist’s Guild’s wildfire in season 2. Many point out that the army of the dead has broken down the wall at the end of season 7 and is on the march South –  with little to no resistance – as we speak. Could it be the blue flame of the Night King’s undead dragon? Or yet another sad possibility is that Daenerys’ dragons are to blame. Has Daenerys Targaryen turned against the Starks!? Or is it accidental? We do learn that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, not Daenerys, at the end of season 7! So perhaps she is super pissed about this little detail.

Winter is coming, and it is bringing a horrible fire to Winterfell with it. But why????

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