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CVS Just Created a Generic EpiPen Competitor for Insanely Cheap


CVS for the win!

CVS Health has just announced that they created a generic version of the EpiPen. The best part is that two-packs of epinephrine auto-injectors are going to cost to $109.99. That’s the price of the brand-name EpiPen EIGHT YEARS AGO.

A CVS Health spokesperson said the company was motivated by the inflated prices of EpiPens and the consumers need for it. CVS is currently selling other generic EpiPens for $339.99, and the brand EpiPens for $649.99. Needless to say, they’re going to kill the game with their new prices.

In case you’re wondering about the quality, CVS Health is selling for such a low price are the authorized generic Adrenaclick auto-injectors. CVS Health said that the $109.99 price is available to anyone who walks into the pharmacy.

[via CNN]


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