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‘The Daily Show’ Has A Theory On Why Donald Trump Walked Into Beauty Pageant Changing Room

On Tuesday night, Michelle Wolf took to the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to explain her take on why Donald Trump decided to go into the beauty pageant changing rooms. Wolf started off by joking about the fact that there are more qualifications to be in the pageant, than to be president of the United States.

Wolf then moves on to the question part of the competition, where the girls are asked questions about current issues. No surprise here, but their answers were better prepared and informed than the President of the United States. She then jokes by stating: “Remember how Donald Trump said he used to sneak into pageant dressing rooms? Maybe he wasn’t being creepy, maybe he just needed answers, I know you’re changing, but they’re quizzing me on uranium and all I got is it’s not good and other things”

I mean, are we even really surprised at this point? He can use lessons from these ladies.

[via Vulture]

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