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Dalai Lama Offers John Oliver the Cure to Alcoholism on ‘Last Week Tonight’


John Oliver promised that his show wouldn’t become all Trump all the time, and he made good on that promise by featuring the Dalai Lama on last nights show.

The holy and revered Dalai Lama, who Americans love for some vague reason, was the night’s featured guest, and the interview had some pretty adorable Dalai Lama-ness. The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists was predictably a pretty chill dude, despite the tough topics Oliver grilled him about.

Oliver began the show by giving some background on the revered spiritual man. A montage of Americans being asked about his holiness revealed that no one is really sure what the Dalai Lama actually does, just that he’s super chill. That basically describes everyone’s weed-smoking cousin, but that’s beside the point.

Oliver then reminded everyone that the Dalai Lama is basically known as a terrorist in China, as he is considered one of their government’s biggest threats. “The Chinese government’s hatred of the Dalai Lama stems from its desire to maintain control of Tibet, a region in southwest China,” Oliver explained.

The pair discussed the Dalai Lama’s controversial reincarnation plans, his relationship with China, and even his stance on the 140 Tibetans that lit themselves on fire in protest. But arguably the best moment in the show came when the Dalai Lama told Oliver about how he stopped Mongolians from overdoing it with vodka. According to the Lama, he “suggested drink much less vodka, instead of that … drink horse milk,” and it worked!

“You cured Mongolia of alcoholism, using horse milk?” Oliver asked, clearly more upset at the idea of drinking horse milk than anything else.

That’s right folks, we finally have a cure. Google search for your nearest horse milk factory, and tell them the Lama sent you.

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