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Dana Carvey is ‘Straight White Male, 60’ And As Sexy As Ever! – in the Trailer for his New Netflix Comedy Special

dana carvey straight white male 60

Dana Carvey is one of the funniest cast members in the history of Saturday Night Live, but despite his best reptile-impersonation efforts, his movie career has never really taken off. But he is still capable of delivering the comedy, or at least he better be, as Netflix has granted him a new stand-up special, entitled Straight White Male, 60.

Carvey’s SNL years were perhaps most beloved for his impressions, especially when he regaled us during the 1992 election with his takes on George H.W. Bush AND Ross Perot. As the trailer indicates, his voice work is still on point (there’s a few seconds of him doing Trump taking on the climate). And as the title indicates, he appears to have an adequate amount of woke-ness for 2016.

Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60 drops November 4. Watch the trailer below.

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