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Dana Carvey Presents His John Bolton Impression So That He Can Throw Mini-Shampoos and Staplers at Stephen Colbert

CREDIT: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

There are are some worries that John Bolton, Trump’s new pick for National Security Advisor, is a bit too much of a warmonger. So Stephen Colbert invited Bolton on to last night’s Late Show to explain what he is all about.

As you might have suspected if you read the headline, it wasn’t actually Bolton, but rather legendary comedian Dana Carvey emerging from the shadows to present his sharpshooting impression.

There are some shades of Carvey’s legendary George H.W. Bush routine in his take on Bolton, what with the folksy finger-wagging, but mainly this bit focuses on General Snowball, aka Bolton’s mustache, which “gets engorged when he smells a war coming on.”

Check out the “poppywashing hogcock” below, and keep an eye out for what Carvey-Bolton has in store for a puppy:

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