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Dating Website,, Just Built You Your Very Own Virtual Wingman

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Technology is forever advancing; we know that. We have self-driving cars, self-balancing scooters, virtual assistants, so on and so forth. Now, a dating website created the one thing we all know we need, but everyone managed to overlook, a virtual wingman., a prominent love locator for singles, has officially introduced Wingman Barney. Wingman Barney is the perfect companion to single men and women alike. Wingman Barney is essentially a matching algorithm who can match you with people while giving you amazing relationship advice. Just 24 hours post launch, Wingman Barney answered 400 questions of singles who needed some help.

PR Director Anastasiya Yarkova says,

“We feel that online daters need someone not only to help with the matchmaking, but with relationships. Through Wingman BarneyTM, takes a huge step fostering a deeper connection between offline and online dating. With the help of Wingman BarneyTM – both men and women, can overcome awkwardness and find matches in a new, easy way. Members simply ask for Wingman BarneyTM’s help.”

I think we can all officially say that just took online dating to the next level.


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