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David Hasselhoff has his Own Rap on the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Soundtrack and You Need to Hear This


With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just around the corner, Marvel recently revealed the much anticipated soundtrack for the film, appropriately titled “Awesome Mix Vol. 2.” While most of the songs excited fans, one track in particular raised a few eyebrows.

Does that… does that say last one say it features David Hasselhoff?

You bet your ass it does.

“Guardians Inferno,” which was written by the film’s writer/director James Gunn, has Hasselhoff rapping about Star-Lord.

I’m not joking.

Take a listen, below. You need to hear it, trust me.

The lyrics are also just as ridiculous as you think they are:

“Getting down and dirty with a procyon lotor

Got no people skills but he’s good with motors

That weird thing by his side an infantilized sequoia

The two of them walk by, people say “Oh Boy-a”

They ask me why I’m bringin’

A baby into battle

“Thats really irresponsible”

And getting them rattled

I say “Give me a break

Get off my back dammit”

I didn’t learn parenting

My daddy was a planet”


To be fair, the tune itself is pretty catchy, and I pray it’s a part of one of the five in-credit scenes, or at least the credits themselves. As to why Hasselhoff was chosen for the song, according to iO9, Gunn sought him because he was one of Peter Quill’s childhood heroes.

[Via iO9]

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