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Dear Holly: I Can’t Get Over My Ex, What Do I Do?

Dear Holly:

I can’t get over my ex, what do I do?

Emily, 19

It’s hard to move on from a man you were crazy about. Of course, hard doesn’t mean impossible. You’ll get over him eventually. It’ll just take time. But if you’re sick of waiting, here are a few things you can do to get over your ex more quickly:

Talk To Other Men

You don’t have to sleep with other men if one-night stands make you uncomfortable, but you should at least talk to other men. Flirt with strangers at bars, text your male coworkers, and message strangers on Tinder. It’ll remind you that there are thousands of other men out there.  Even if you’re not ready to jump into a new relationship just yet, those guys will still be there for you in the future. They aren’t going anywhere.

Forget All About Love

Relationships aren’t the most important thing in the world. If you’re sick of men, then you should forget about them completely. Go out with your friends and drink until you can’t remember your ex’s name. Stay late at work, so you can get that promotion you’ve been fantasizing about. Pick up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, but never had time for back when you were dating.

Write A Fake Letter To Him

One of the biggest reasons why women have trouble getting over their ex is because they didn’t actually get the closure they deserved. Instead of making the mistake of calling your ex up and talking to him about how upset you are, you can find closure by writing a letter to him instead. Say all of the things that you wish you would’ve told him. That way, you’ll get everything off of your chest. Of course, you shouldn’t actually send the letter out. It’s just a therapeutic exercise.

Write A Letter To Yourself

You’re a nice girl, but it’s okay to be mean after a breakup. You should try writing a list of all of the things you hated about your ex, from the way that he dressed to the way that he behaved in the bedroom. Don’t leave anything out. That way, if you have a rough day where you miss him like crazy, you can read the list that you wrote and remember why it’s a good thing that he’s out of your life. You deserve better.

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