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Dear Holly: Why Do Some People Only Use Lamb Skin Condoms? 


Dear Holly,

Why Do Some People Only Use Lamb Skin Condoms?

If you’re sexually active, then you’re probably used to buying latex condoms. After all, they’re the most popular type of protection. It’s what you see on the shelves of every store, so it makes sense that you would buy them. However, there are also lambskin condoms on the market. Why would you choose to use them over the latex condoms you’ve grown to know and love? Well, here are a few facts about them that just might make you switch brands:

They’re Thinner Than Latex Condoms 

The main complain that men have with condoms is that they take away the sweet sensation of sex. However, if you use a lambskin condom, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. After all, lambskin condoms are much thiner than latex. That’s why men find them so pleasurable. Some say that it’s the closest thing to having sex without wearing a condom at all. So if you’ve been struggling to orgasm with a condom on, you might want to think about investing in lambskin condoms.

They Won’t Cause An Allergic Reaction 

Believe it or not, a lot of people are actually allergic to latex. That means that they can’t use latex condoms. It’s not just some lame excuse they use to convince their partner to sleep with them bareback. When they use a “regular” condom, their allergies can be triggered. That’s why they’re better off using lambskin condoms instead, because their body won’t react badly to them.

You Can Use Oil Based Lube With Them

When you’re wearing a latex condom, the last thing you want to do is use oil based lube. However, when you’re using a lambskin condom, you can feel free to use oil based lubes. They’re perfectly safe.

They Don’t Prevent STDs

As amazing as lambskin condoms sound, they do have a downside. Even though they’re pretty effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy, they don’t actually prevent the spread of certain STDs, like HIV and herpes. That means that you should only use them with a partner that has been tested. Otherwise, you could end up with a disease, even though you used a condom all throughout sex.

They’re Expensive

Another big downside to lambskin condoms is the price. They’re not used as frequently as latex condoms, and they are produced from an animal product, which is why they cost more than the condoms you’re used to buying. So if you’re broke, you probably want to stick to latex.

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