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The Definition of Pathetic is Harvey Weinstein Attempting to Apologize Using a Misquoted JAY Z Line

Harvey Weinstein has attempted to excuse his recently alleged behavior in the most pathetic of ways.

As if Hip-Hop didn’t already get a bad rep, Weinstein released a response to the New York Times attempting to quote lyric JAY Z’s latest album 4:44.

Weinstein stated he could best relate his situation to the likes of a rather unrecognizable verse:

“I’m not the man I thought I was and I better be that man for my children.”

The closest JAY Z has come to even slightly close to reciting anything of this matter is on the song 4:44, which was intended to be an open apology to his wife. Quite unusual that Weinstein would even think to make an attempt to relate such a song to his actions of unwelcome sexual allegations. He’s a 65 year old man, acting much more like a kid looking for an Instagram caption to express how they feel.

[via Mashable]

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