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Delta Airlines Paid a Family $11,000 to Give Up Their Seats, Didn’t Beat Them in the Process


In case you’ve been living under a rock, United Airlines fucked up big time this week. They dragged a passenger off of an overbooked flight because he refused to leave the seat HE PAID FOR. In the process, they left him beaten and bloody. Before dragging him off, United offered passengers $400, then $800 to give up their seats.

Anyway, the point is, it’s common for airlines to pay the customers to give up their seats if need be. In fact, it’s how Laura Begley Bloom and her family got paid $11,000 not to fly to Florida one week.

In an essay for Forbes, Bloom said she was traveling from New York to Florida with her husband and daughter. She was worried because flights were being cancelled due to bad weather, and eventually, her flight was delayed for hours. Delta started offering people money if they were to give up their seats.

Where United capped at $800, Delta kept going. So, Bloom’s husband decided say he wanted $1,500 per ticket. Delta gave him $1,350, which is apparently what they can legally give. Bloom and her family came back the next day and the same thing happened. The Bloom’s got $1,300 per person, lunch and taxi fare. In case you can’t count, that’s $8,050 for missing two flights.

Then Delta told the Bloom’s that flights were overbooked until that Tuesday. The airline ended up giving them another $1,000 per person bringing the total to $11,000 richer for skipping a flight to Florida.

Anyone flying Delta with me?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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