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Delta, Sprint, and Gogo Are Teaming Up to Create Better Internet Connections For Airlines

Delta, Sprint, and Gogo have teamed up to create a faster internet connection for plane passengers to enjoy during their travels. The announcement was made during the Mobile World Congress.

The group, named the Seamless Air Alliance, are hoping to still employ satellites to give passengers a quicker way to get internet. Two satellite companies called OneWeb and Airtel are also part of the group.

Also, the Seamless Air Alliance wants to try to not have customers give their credit card info or verify their phones in order to get access to the internet, as stated by The Wall Street Journal. OneWeb founder Greg Wyler said to the WSJ l that the group plans to form a “uniform hardware and operating standards” for carriers.

If the group is able to make this plan happen, they will create a more faster, dependable, and less expensive internet for all airlines.

The group’s project is still in the beginning stages and hopefully this project actually comes to life, because who doesn’t wants better internet while in the air?

[via The Verge]

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