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Despite All of FX’s Efforts to Hide it, We Now Know the Theme of ‘American Horror Story’


FX and Ryan Murphy straight up said that the theme of the upcoming American Horror Story season will be a secret until the show premieres. Day after day, we’ve been getting teasers of American Horror Story, most of which are fake just to throw up off. Well, fuck you FX because we figured it out anyway.

According to Vulture, multiple sources may have accidentally spilled the beans on the show’s new theme.

Rotten Tomatoes listed the title of the season as American Horror Story: The Mist this week, and soon after, a print copy of TV Guide did the same.


Vulture notes that the theme it’s likely a play on Stephen King’s novella of the same name.

In King’s story, a small town suddenly becomes enveloped by a mist that conceals a host of deadly creatures.

Ummmm, you mean like this:

FX has yet to comment on the matter, so you’ll still have to tune in on September 14th to find out the truth.


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