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‘Dieselgate’ Strikes As Volkswagen Tests Emissions On Humans

via Phys

When you hear the words ‘Diesel Monkeys’ you’re probably picturing a metalcore band whose logo is impossibly hard to make out. Oddly enough, these words are now associated with German Car Manufacturing tyrant Volkswagen, after being accused of testing air effects on monkeys.

In 2014, the auto firm was accused of carrying out tests on 10 different monkeys. These charges were originally dismissed, but recently stirred up again. The newspaper publication Seuddeutsche Zeitung (which we’re all so familiar with), reported the company was doing Nitrogen Oxide tests on healthy humans.

“Diesel gate.” as it’s being referred to, has gotten the company in deep trouble. In 2015 they admitted to falsely manipulating cars to fool certain tests to pass emissions, when they were brutally exceeding them. They also admitted to falsely regulating 11 million cars. The World Health Organization went on to post the effects of emissions on their website, which seemed like a blatant pointed finger at the car company. They stated the increase of bronchitis and asthma, and possible respiratory infections that can occur from heavy emissions.

While the parent company of VW, Mercedes-Benz, said that they were appalled at what occurred, German auto company BMW did not reply to comments. Hopefully those 11 million cars get AutoBANNED from circulation.


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