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Diet Avocados are Now a Thing and it’s Kind of Ridiculous

The avocado obsession needs to STOP


Avocados, the “millennial fruit,” has taken a ride with various food trends. Avolattes exist, as does the infamous avocado toast. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, the company attempted to market a younger crowd by slashing avocado prices. Memes mocking avocado price and millennial obsession emerged, indicating the prominence of the fruit in our present day culture.

But now, a new avocado has been created. It’s called “The Avocado Light,” which sounds like a fancy way of saying “organic.”

However, the Avocado Light, created by Isla Bonita, a Spanish food company, boasts other health benefits that this type of avocado provides. They ripen faster and brown slower, making them ideal for guac cravings. The “diet” side of the avocado comes in the fact that it contains 30% less fat than most other avocados.

Not to say other avocados are unhealthy, but this hybrid avocado has gotten positive research reviews. For now, they are only available in Spain.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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