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A Different Donald Trump Meets Xi in China

It’s rather easy to leave your balls at home when you realize you’re amongst the largest army in the world, just ask Donald Trump. Thursday, while visiting China, he did everything possible to please the countries leader Xi. It was almost as if it was a Donald Trump clone without all of the boastful rhetoric, the derogatory name calling, and borderline racist remarks.

Gone was the man that berated the country, and vowed to place 45% tariffs on Chinese imports. Gone was the man the man who labeled the country a “currency manipulator.” This was “Donald Trump the Ass Kisser.”

While alongside his counterpart in Beijing’s cavernous Great Hall Temple, Trump praised Xi for his hospitality and applauded him for consolidated power within the country’s Communist Party. He then went on to refer to Beijing as a partner in bringing increasing pressure to North Korea. Mind you, this is the same Donald Trump who stated the country was not doing enough mere months ago.

The one thing Trump did say, that may have been contrary to Xi’s belief was that the US-China trade relationship greatly disadvantaged the US. Of course, he did so by backtracking and placing the blame on his favorite target aside from Hilary Clinton – former president Barack Obama. “I don’t blame China,” he said. “I blame past administrations.” “My feeling toward you is an incredibly warm one,” he said.

Prior to his trip to Asia he must have found a more eloquent writer, as his quips regarding North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un have gotten somewhat better and less repetitive. He went on record to refer to the leader as a “tyrant” whose “dark fantasy” is to rule over “enslaved Korean people.”

One senior State Department official informed reporters that the purpose of Trump’s trip to Seoul was to call out North Korea’s illegal actions. “Without them really participating lock, stock, and barrel in this, it’s not going to work,” the official said.

Both Chinese and US officials did acknowledge that Beijing has taken noticeable steps on North Korea following Kim’s attempts to upgrade its nuclear program. One example of this is China’s imposing of a new round of sanctions at the UN in September, that will close off Pyongyang’s coal imports. However, for fear that they will destabilize the regime China has held off on cutting off North Korea’s crude oil.

Though Xi and Trump may still not see eye to eye entirely, they seem to be be growing somewhat of a relationship you could say.

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