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All the Different Things Her Moans Could Mean


The louder her moans are, the more intense her pleasure is, right? Well, not quite. Some women remain silent when they’re climaxing while other women make a racket when they’re barely feeling a thing. You’ll have to get to know your lady in order to figure out her moaning style. In the mean time, here are a few different things those moans could mean:

1. She’s Enjoying Herself

If she’s moaning, you’ll automatically assume that she’s enjoying the way you’re treating her body, which is indeed the case the majority of the time. When you get her relaxed enough and excited enough, it’s impossible to hold back those sexy sounds. She’ll use it as a form of verbal release before her orgasmic release.

2. She’s Trying to Lead You

She wants you to hit the right spot, but she may be too shy to direct you there herself. Instead of forcing you into a new position or telling you to switch your technique, she’ll make herself moan whenever you do something right. It’s a way of telling you that she likes what you’re doing so that you’ll do it more. Of course, her methods will only work if you pay close attention to her reactions, so don’t ignore her sounds.

3. She Wants to Hurry it Up

If she’s tired and wants you to get off of her, she might make moans in order to turn you on. There’s not much she can do to hurry up the process, so she’ll try to get you as excited as she can in hopes that it will make you climax. Every good thing has to come to an end, after all, so you can’t blame her for rushing it along.

4. She Wants to Raise Your Confidence

If you’ve been self-conscious about your abilities lately and suddenly she’s moaning more than ever, it could be her way of raising your confidence. She loves you, so she doesn’t want you assuming you’re no good in the sack. If she’s aiming to encourage you, moaning is the perfect way to let you know that she’s happy with your moves.

5. She Wants Others to Hear

Who knows what’s going on in your partner’s crazy mind? Maybe she’s trying to make her ex-boyfriend who lives next door jealous by letting him hear her moans through the thin apartment walls. Or maybe she wants her roommate to hear that she’s actually getting some action. For most girls, this will never be the case, but some people can get pretty wacky, so you never know.

6. She Wants You to Finish the Job

If you’re only kissing and she’s already moaning, she probably wants her clothes to come off. If you’ve been touching her with your fingers or tongue, then she might be close to climaxing. That means that you need to figure out a way to finish the job. You can’t stop it just when it’s getting good and expect her to pleasure you instead. Her orgasms are just as important as yours are.

If your lady is moaning, there’s a ninety-nine percent chance that she’s satisfied. However, if she’s been acting odd in the bedroom, you have to realize that she could be making noises for a few other reasons.

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