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Dis is Expensive: Disney Parks Raise Ticket Prices

Matt Stroshane/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Families and those weird adults who are obsessed with Disney will be upset: prices for Disney parks in Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California have increased, apparently to combat overcrowding.

“Value” days at the Magic Kingdom will increase by $2, to $109 for adults and $103 for children. Their “regular” prices will increase by $4, with adults paying $119 for themselves and $113 for children. If you can figure out patterns, this means “peak” prices will be $129 and $123, respectively.

Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom offer relatively cheaper fare. Adults will pay $102 on value days and $96 for children, with regular costing $112 and $108, and peak times running for $122 and $116.

At Disneyland, the regular price for admission has climbed $7 to $117. A ticket during peak times will run you a cool $135, but on the plus side, value tickets for the Anaheim park remain the same, at $97.

More changes to prices are said to come in the remainder for 2018. The value, regular, and peak pricing is said to prevent overcrowding and incentivize visitors to come during the off-season. In the coming year, prices will be even more specialized, with date-specific ticket prices to be published on the Walt Disney World website.

Andrew Finger, the spokesperson for Disney World, said this change will be positive for the park and its visitors alike: “Given the small percentage of guests that purchase a 1-day ticket at Walt Disney World, extending pre-published, date-specific pricing to multi-day tickets will further advance our efforts spread to attendance throughout the year.”

My apologies to all the parents out there- have an overpriced funnel cake for me!

[via KATC]

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