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Disney is Pulling It’s Content From Netflix to Start Their Own Streaming Service


Power move 101: if you see something doing well, do it too.

Disney announced that they are removing their content from Netflix is order to start their own streaming service. Honestly, with the amount of content Disney has, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


But if you’re thinking you’re just going to get a bunch of animated movies, think again.

The new platform will be the home for all Disney movies going forward, starting with the 2019 releases: Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, and The Lion King. Disney is also planning on making a “significant investment” in exclusive movies and television series for the streaming service.

Most interestingly, Disney will also launch its own ESPN video streaming service in early 2018. Meaning, the streaming service will include 10,000 sporting events each year, and will have content from the MLB, NHL, MLS, collegiate sports and tennis’ Grand Slam events.


Sorry Netflix, but this was bound to happen.


[via NPR]

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