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Disney World Forgot How to Spell One of Their Most Popular Theme Parks

I guess this sign maker was too busy drinking around the world...


Walt Disney World is the ultimate escape for kids and adults alike looking to get away from the realities of everyday life.

It’s a place where you walk through a magical castle and then take a ride through a spooky mansion. You can travel lightyears away and see some blue aliens while also going on a safari. You can check into one of the most dangerous hotels around (seriously, where are those maintenance guys?) while seeing kids battle some of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy. And in one place, you can travel the world while also taking a trip underwater with some Pixar friends.

One thing you can’t escape? Grammar errors.

One road sign at the Walt Disney World Resort has been puzzling guests for the past week. See if you can spot the error.

via Tim Smyth on Facebook



I also love the experimental prototype of community tomorrow.

Serious, Disney, who approved this?

[Via Mashable]

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