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Disneyland is Stepping up it’s Halloween Spirit with this New Cocktail

Although the Disney parks have a beautiful set-up for Christmas, Disneyland is getting extra chilly for Halloween this year. Fall treats have been super popular so far, and the new cocktail is sure to follow suit.

Called the “Halloween Specialty Cocktail,” this drink is complete with edible eyeball and glowing ice cubes. You can order it until Halloween at Disneyland’s Cove Bar Restaurant.


The drink is a mix of vodka and Chambord and tinted to a deliciously sinister dark purple color. To stick with the theme, purple sugar crystals rim the glass. The eyeball is what really kicks the drink off. It’s a maraschino cherry tucked inside a lychee. Totally worth the $14.

So far, visitors are loving it, and pics have kicked off on social media.




Time to get spooky!

[via Delish]

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