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Why You Should Ditch Your Phone When You Go to the Bathroom

Have you ever had your phone or wallet in you back pocket, and totally forget that when you go to sit down on the toilet? That happened to me once. RIP Wallet.

This scary possibility isn’t the only reason to be leaving your phone out of the bathroom.

In an age where everyone has smartphones on them 24/7, it’s not a surprise that we’re constantly using them. Listening to music on the subway, reading articles during dinner, or sending emails and texts while out and about. But our brains need some downtime from screens, even a few minutes here and there can be beneficial. It gives us a time of reflection where we can obtain some mental clarity without distraction.

So, what are you supposed to do besides twiddle your thumbs? Take some time to let your brain zone out. Meditation and mindfulness have made great strides in showing increased energy levels, lower rates of stress, and making you feel better all around.

Don’t pressure yourself to get into the zen state of mind. Just some slow breathing and a clear mind help reset your whole internal wiring. Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings. Question them and hold them up to the light, see if they’re aligned with your beliefs. You’ll be surprised how some reactions to things aren’t what you’d expect from yourself.

Plus, you’ll feel a great sense of power from having weened yourself off this dopamine response reward, even for 2 or 3 minutes at a time. Anything helps to give your brain a little ‘flush’.

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