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Does Ben Affleck Know Any Taylor Swift Songs? Let’s Find Out!


Ellen DeGeneres plays a game with her guests on her talk show entitled “5 Second Rule,” in which a category is announced and the contestants have 5 seconds to name 3 examples that fit the category.

Ben Affleck was the latest victim to this scheme when he hit a snag on the prompt of “Taylor Swift songs.” He threw out a few random strings of words, none of which were the titles of actual T-Swizzle tunes.

As someone who is perpetually aware of the biggest names in pop culture and their art, I cannot relate to Affleck’s predicament, though as a fellow human being, I respect it.

I’m actually burying the lede a bit here, as the real primo category turns out to be “3 Places You’re Likely to Find Matt Damon.”

Watch the clip below:

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