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Dog’s Death In New Hampshire Fuels Push To End The Use Of Guns For Putting Down Animals


The death of a well-known mixed-breed dog, named Bruno, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, has garnered an angry response from animal rights activists who want to end the use of guns to put down old, sick and dangerous animals.

“It was done in such a cruel manner. The dog was shot multiple times and left to die,” said Katie Treamer, one of the founders of Justice For Bruno, a group that wants to make it more difficult to use guns on pets/animals.

Many, though, believe that a ban is unlikely, because in rural parts of the country (including parts of New Hampshire), a humanely placed bullet is a viable alternative to driving potentially hours away to see a veterinarian, which may also be expensive.

“It’s been common practice for people up here to put down their animals – not just dogs – because they’re hurt in such a way that they can’t be saved or they’re so old that they need to be relieved of suffering,” said State Representative John Tholl. “And the cost to do that through a vet is quite expensive.”

John Gralenski, 80, grew up in western Massachusetts and sometimes had to put down animals.  He did not like it, but he is opposed to outlawing the practice altogether.

“I think they should have that right,” said Gralenski, who lives in rural Shelburne, on the New Hampshire-Maine line. “When I was a kid, we always had dogs and if it was my dog and the dog got sick, there wasn’t any money for a vet.”

[via The Guardian]

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