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Donald Glover Posts His Script From ‘Deadpool’ TV Show, and it is Glorious

Deadpool is one of America’s favorite superhero movies. Ryan Reynolds was born to play the part, and the writing behind the comic book hero is hilarious, totally anything-goes, and meta as it gets. We were THIS CLOSE to getting a Deadpool TV series, written by Atlanta writer/star Donald Glover, but alas, FX shat the bed.

The scripts were written, the jokes were hilarious, and the references were current as within a week or two. But when it was announced that FX didn’t take the deal, hearts were broken. Many people thought it was due to Glover’s being too busy: Rapping on tour, promoting his role as young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, getting ready to play Simba in The Lion King, and working on Atlanta. But it turns out the talented star and the network parted ways due to “creative differences.” Boooooo.

Glover recently shared some script scenes on his Twitter, and I’m sure FX will very soon be kicking themselves for not taking it. Glover once again proves he can run with the alpha dogs of the entertainment industry with these.

Someday. Someday this dream will become a reality.

[via Mashable]

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