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Donald Trump Calls FBI’s Investigation of Him a ‘Witch Hunt’


Yet again, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to complain. The most recent whine has a full body, with hints of hypocrisy and laughable hyperbole.

Trump has finally commented on the appointment of Robert Mueller to oversee the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia.  He appears to have taken some time to mull over what his presidential response would be in a time of confusion and crisis for our nation. Naturally, his response victimized himself while pointing the finger at (who else) Barack Obama, as well as the Clinton administration.

He also called the ongoing controversy surrounding him and his campaign a “witch hunt.” But not just any old witch hunt:

Yes, the single greatest witch hunt of a politician across all of American history! Remember when Donald Trump jump-started his political career by making racist insinuations against Barack Obama, demanding proof of his birth certificate for years? That was peanuts compared to this. Remember his popular rallying cry “Lock Her Up!” as he demonized his opponent Hillary Clinton as one would demonize, say, a witch? This Russia investigation blows that out of the water!

This investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia is no witch hunt; a witch hunt would imply that the “witch” in this situation is a paranoid fantasy, and impossible to prove. No, this is very much an investigation, just as there was in investigation into the Watergate scandal during the Nixon administration.

[via Twitter]

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