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Donald Trump Gets Two Journalists Confused During a Press Briefing

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Everyone can get names mixed up once in a while. Unfortunately, when you happen to be the president of the United States, the blunder goes from a minor slip-up to the subject of public ridicule.

During his press briefing with the Colombian president, Donald Trump made this very slip-up (as if he wasn’t already the subject of public ridicule already). While taking questions, he pointed at NBC News’ Peter Alexander, but he referred to him as Peter Baker, a correspondent for The New York Times. There was certainly some confusions, but both of the aforementioned Peters set the record straight through Twitter.

At the very least, Trump got the first name right. However, this is an odd slip-up, even for him. How could a New York Times correspondent even be allowed into the press briefing on Trump’s watch? Maybe he got them confused because all fake journalists look the same to him.

Mixing up names is a silly mistake that anybody can make, so let’s cut Donald Duck some slack.

[via Twitter]

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