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Donald Trump Got Owned Again, This Time by Norway

While denigrating “shithole” (read: non-white) countries like Haiti and parts of Africa yesterday, Donald Trump also suggested that the United States should try to bring in immigrants from the non-shithole (read: white) countries of the world; specifically, he wants to see more Norwegian immigrants.

(Let me just say, I thoroughly enjoy that Trump evidently believes immigration works by us formally inviting would-be immigrants to come hang out in America.)

Today, Trump’s dream immigrants from Norway have responded to his entreaties, and unfortunately for our president’s dream of a white ethno-state, America apparently isn’t a particularly attractive destination for Norwegians. To put it in the parlance of our time, Trump was all “Hey Norway, Netflix and chill?” And Norway was like “new phone who dis?”

Which, first and foremost, of course they were. Why would someone from Norway – one of the richest countries in the world and the literal happiest place on Earth – want to come here, particularly when we’re in the midst of an ongoing fracturing of society that may quite possibly manifest itself in the form of a second civil war?

Even politicians piled on: Torbjoern Saetre of Norway’s Conservative Party tweeted “On behalf of Norway: Thanks, but no thanks,” and multiple citizens felt compelled to remind Trump that compared to Norway, America is the shithole:

Before anyone gets all huffy about Norwegians not displaying the proper deference to America, let’s remind ourselves that Trump dragged them into this. (And not for nothing, but the fact that he chose Norway once again highlights his underlying belief that in a contest of two entities, whichever one has more money is better.)

Remember the time when our president could go more than 24 hours without getting dunked on by seemingly the entire planet? That was nice.

[via Reuters]

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