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Donald Trump Honors MLK Amidst Concern He’s a Racist

President Trump recently signed a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King, the courageous and widely beloved leader of the civil rights movement. And who would be more fitting of a man to sign that proclamation than Donald Trump the racist and abhorred leader of the “f*ck the immigrants” movement?

After Donald Trump’s comments about the immigrants coming to America, from what he so kindly labelled their “shithole” countries, and then following these words up with the idiotic question “why can’t we get immigrants from countries like Norway?” (which has a mostly white populace), many journalists are wondering if Trump is in fact a full-blooded virulent racist. And they aren’t afraid to ask him straight to his face either.

While signing the proclamation, a clamor of journalists could be heard shouting questions at Trump, who of course pretended that he could neither hear nor see them (a very presidential maturity I must say. Kind of like sticking your fingers in your ears and going la la la la la). One journalist went so far as to just ask him straight up: “are you a racist?”

The journalists got no answers, and Trump swiftly left the room after signing the proclamation. But c’mon. Isn’t it, like, a rhetorical question? It’s kind of like asking McDonalds “are you bad for me?” We all know the answer.

[via Mashable]

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