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Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Displayed on ‘Time’ Magazine’s Cover

Making the cover of Time Magazine can mean two things. One: You’re hot shit, or Two: You’re a piece of shit. Donald Trump Jr. earned a spot on the magazine’s cover for one of these reasons, we’ll let you decide…(it’s the latter).

Donald Trump Jr. has recently wedged himself into the center of the ongoing controversial Trump-Russia relations. The New York Times obtained and published emails (after Jr. exposed himself of course) that show him arranging a meeting with a Russian lawyer, with ties to the Kremlin in 2016.

Time showed absolutely no mercy. The renowned magazine took the text from the emails, and displayed it over Trump Jr.’s face, making the worst pieces stand out by highlighting and bolding them. Damn, that’s cold.

The story matching the powerful cover image was written by David Von Drehle. Drehle talks about the speculations of the Trump family conspiring with Russian officials, diving in head first with an opening statement of, “The most pressing question of our time might be: How bad is it?”

A video animation of the magazine’s cover was created and simply adds a more dramatic effect to the already powerful message.

As soon as this hit twitter countless reactions were posted. Some shocked at the cold hearted nature of the magazine, and some nervous for the backlash that Trump’s would inevitably deliver. It’s safe to assume Time Magazine just became “fake news”…

[via Mashable]

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