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Donald Trump Sets His Sights On Taking Down Marco Rubio

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, still leading his party’s polls according to new data released this week, is looking to maintain his lead by attacking rivals who look like they could be narrowing that lead.  This time, Trump has set his sights on Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL.), who has risen in the polls after Gov. Scott Walker’s departure from the race.

Trump’s line of attack against Rubio was unique, and possibly just beginning.  The businessman had towels and 24 bottles of “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water” sent to Rubio’s campaign, in a case plastered with “Trump: Make America Great Again” across the front.  The prank comes after weeks of Trump mocking Rubio for drinking lots of water and visibly sweating during the second presidential debate.

Rubio responded to the jab with his one of his own: “I heard it’s very high-quality water. Apparently Evian are a bunch of losers,” he said.

Trump doubled down on the insults when he retweeted an attack ad which shows a childhood photo of Rubio and reads: “Never hire a boy to do a man’s job.” The ad ends with the words “nappy time” after accusing Rubio of not having enough “swagger” to deal with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Rubio’s ascent has still not put him higher than other anti-establishment candidates, such as Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.  However, the attack ads show that Trump, despite his huge popular base of support, is getting worried that the GOP establishment will eventually opt to nominate an establishment candidate like Rubio or Jeb Bush.

[via FT]

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