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Donald Trump Is Still Making Money On The Side

The Telegraph

Everybody’s favorite grifter is at it again.

The Trump Organization, whose founder is a living monument to the concept of failing upward, announced today that it will soon begin work on development of a new Trump Towers project in India. Trump Towers Gurgaon will be the fourth Trump-owned property in India.

In a statement to NDTV, the Indian developers for the project – M3M India and Tribeca Developers – claimed that “[d]espite sluggishness in the luxury residential market in India, the [Kolkata] project has smashed all sales records” and noted their expectation of “tremendous demand” for the new development.

Donald Trump Jr. also issued a statement, one that is sufficiently bland and uninteresting as to render repeating it a waste of time.

Trump Towers, a physical reminder that money can’t buy taste, are expanding in India; in addition to the forthcoming garish monstrosity in Gurgaon, the Trump Organization has also developed similar eyesores in Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Now seems like a good time to note that Donald Trump has yet to divest himself of his holdings in his private businesses, which means that this new development will not only be a 600-foot-tall pile of gold-plated shit, but will also further enhance our President’s personal wealth.

And, as before, the usual concerns arise. First, there is the concern that Donald Trump may be leveraging his geopolitical power to strong-arm countries (ones that otherwise might not be interested in playing host to his ugly-ass buildings) into allowing him to expand his empire.

And as a corollary, there is the possibility that foreign governments are allowing the Trump Organization to erect the architectural equivalent of a $200 bottle of white zinfandel in their countries as a means of currying favor with our money-grubbing idiot of a Commander-in-Chief.

But considering the alternative is Trump idly nudging us closer to nuclear armageddon on Twitter, I guess we’ll let it slide.

[via NDTV]

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