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Donna Brazile Says Clinton Controlled DNC Way Before She Was The Nominee

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Donna Brazile, former interim DNC chair and Hillary Clinton supporter, has come forward with a discovery she made while sorting through the party’s finances.

The Democratic National Committee, which was deeply in debt at the tail end of Barack Obama’s presidency, had set up an unprecedented and highly unusual funding agreement with Hillary For America.

In exchange for paying down the DNC’s debt, Hillary Clinton’s campaign received the vast majority of donations to Democratic state parties — money which is normally either reserved for state races or funneled to the party’s presidential candidate once they have the nomination.

Instead, state Democratic parties kept less than one half of one percent of all donations, with the rest of the money going directly to Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign center. The arrangement was put in place in August of 2015, months before even the earliest presidential primaries.

By funneling money from state party donations, Clinton’s campaign avoided the $2,700 maximum individual donation allowed for presidential campaigns. The maximum allowed donation to a state party is more than ten times higher, and that money was going directly to Clinton.

In addition, the Clinton campaign essentially managed the DNC long before she had clinched the nomination, even vetting DNC press releases before they were published.

The funding agreement and Clinton’s control of the DNC took place under the leadership of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the former congresswoman and Clinton loyalist who resigned after leaked emails revealed she had inappropriately supported Clinton’s campaign and denigrated the campaign of her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Some Democrats have criticized the DNC for tilting the presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton during what was supposed to have been an open race. This funding agreement appears to add more fuel to that fire.

And Brazille is no stranger to the DNC’s Clinton preference. She was fired from CNN in 2016 after leaking debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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