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Donnie is Bringing Ivanka Trump on His First Foreign Trip Because Codependency is a Bitch


Ummm, okay.

Ivanka Trump will accompany her father, Donald, to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy on his upcoming foreign trip. The news comes straight from a White House official and of course, everyone is simply thinking WTF, because WHO IS IVANKA?!

Nepotism, people. Nepotism.

Ivanka is technically a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, having no political background whatsoever. But then again, neither does Donald as he’s President. So whatever. Ivanka Trump will be joining her dad for 6 days out of the 9 that he will be traveling, as well as be his right hand for some events, and also hold some of her own.

Here’s the agenda according to the White House official:

While in Isreal, Ivanka and Donald will visit the Western Wall with the president. In Rome, Ivanka will take part in a discussion about human trafficking with the Community of Sant’Egidio, an aid group with ties to the Vatican and meet with the Pope. In Saudi Arabia, she will hold a discussion with women and the economic issues facing women in the country.

This should be fun …

[via AP]

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