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Dove Removes Ad After Backlash Over Blatant Racism

Dove has received a significant amount of backlash for an ad they released depicting a Black woman pulling off her brown shirt and turning into a White woman wearing a white shirt. How could they possibly think this was a good idea?

The soap company issued an apology for the ad and immediately removed it from social media.

This also wasn’t even the first racist advertisement Dove has put out, as they have also released one with a before/after picture with women of darker complexions being on the “before” side and becoming lighter in skin tone as it they move to the “after” side.

The soap industry has a long history of racist ads involving People of Color being literally washed into White people.

After viewing Dove’s ad, people took to Twitter to announce their displeasure with the company’s heavily racist campaign.

What they hell were they thinking?

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