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Dr. Luke, Kesha’s Accused Abuser Could Benefit From Her New Album

Kesha is set to release her latest album, Rainbow. However, it is not without so me legality issues. Since 2014, she has had a court case with her former producer and boss Dr. Luke. She made allegations that he sexually, emotionally and physically abused her throughout their relationship.

However, her lawsuit hit a roadblock when a New York Judge denied an injunction to sever her contract with him or have it amended with the grounds that Kesha be permitted to record music without his direct involvement.

The court now is in appeal.

This means that her new album will debut under Luke’s Kemosabe Records. The label ran is under Sony Music entertainment. However, his contract expired and he stepped down as its CEO.

Sony has declined to comment about Dr. Luke and whether or not he stands to profit from her latest album.

However, Kesha song belonged to Lukes Prescription Songs.

If the songs are still published under his label, Luke still owns them.Kesha’s happens to be the most profitable artist underneath Lukes label.

[Via Vulture]

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