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The Dream Beauty Line for Millennials? Everything in This Launch is $3

via Refinery29

As someone who recently got into the beauty and skincare game, I used to put foundation on with my fingers, I have learned a lot about which products are good and bad for my skin, the environment, and unfortunately, my wallet. I’m sure I’m not alone in crying over the Sephora website, wondering how on earth an eye serum could cost $125.

Don’t worry, my fellow young strugglers, a new line of skincare and bathroom products is here. The company, called Brandless, began as a food and household item company but has realized just how badly we need it in our medicine cabinets and on our shower shelves. As the company’s co-founder Tina Sharkey told Refinery29, “The premise behind Brandless was that better products should not be relegated to those who can afford them.” Amen! Preach it!

In addition to having no brand (kind of), the company’s new line of products is free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens, and fake dyes or fragrances. Brandless has actually banned many of the harmful ingredients, over 400, to be exact, that you could probably find on the back of your shampoo bottles or bathroom cleaners. I’m not entirely sure what a “paraben” is, but it doesn’t sound like something I’ll miss rubbing into my scalp.

So, how do they keep these products at the low price of $3? Sharkey credits their selling model. Brandless sells directly to the consumer, editing out the middle man to allow for slashed prices and a strong business-to-customer relationship. Sounds good to me!

If you’re ready to go Brandless, you can see their full list of products here. Happy showering!

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