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This Dude is Crowdfunding a 3-in-One Sex Toy Called 3Fap [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.39.10 PM

Congratulations men around the world, you’ll never need another sex toy again thanks to this guy’s creation. Introducing the 3Fap: the 3-in-one ultimate masturbating machine. An Indiegogo campaign out of Chicago wants to give men the ability to have sex with three different holes at once (mouth, butt, vag).

The device is called the 3Fap (pretty clever) and was invented by Brian Sloan.

The product features a mouth option, a vagina option and an anus option. You know, like an actual woman.

Sloan is hoping to raise $40,000 mass produce these ladies parts.

[via BroBible]

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