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Duh: Millennials Say Pizza is Their Favorite After Sex Food

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

Apparently, Yelp did a survey that asked millennials what their favorite post-sex snack is when they have a one night stand. Obviously pizza won by a landslide and “distant second” was tacos.

According to Today, the survey also found that 46 percent of singles are more attracted to their one-night stand if he or she is “into certain foods.” In case you want to make your one night stand a more permanent thing, the survey suggest pizza, ice cream, pasta, and tacos are the way to do it.

Other things the study found only: only one in three survey participants thought it was okay to share a meal with a sexual partner after a one-night stand and the most serious turn-off for those who did stick around post-sex was a loud chewer, or an open-mouthed chewer.

I think the only important thing we’ve learned her is that pizza is life.

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