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During “Interview,” Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling Mostly Just Laugh Instead of Answering Questions, and You Know What? They Deserve It

CREDIT: ITV via YouTube

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling stopped by the British chat show This Morning, ostensibly to talk up their new movie, Blade Runner 2049. But when their interviewer, Alison Hammond, started things off by admitting that she’s never seen the original Blade Runner and then bursting out laughing, all the best-laid plans went right out the door, with Ford and Gosling joining right with her in the non-stop hysterics.

I would expect this from recent punch victim Gosling, who always giggles through his SNL gigs, but Ford strikes me as the ultimate person immune to such loss of composure. But I guess this old acting vet is full of surprises. To wit: the highlight of this clip is him screaming “Show me the money!” That was certainly not on my predictions of what would happen in 2017.

Laugh along below:

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