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Easy Instruments for Musicians Starting Out

Playing and creating music is one of the best creative outlets you can pursue and learning a new instrument is one way to do that.

Many kids start to learn an instrument or several in their early years either through their school or in private lessons. Learning an instrument teaches discipline and teaches an individual the importance of practice and dedication. Studies show that playing music can also improve certain cognitive abilities, motor skills, and coordination.

While it is true that mastering any instrument takes time and focus, there are many instruments out there that are easier for new musicians.


One of the best options to try out if you are a new musician are the drums, or really any percussion instrument.

Drums are one of the easiest instruments to pick up. Anyone can play them, but it takes practice to become a really good drummer. As you progress in your drum skills, you can learn to play more complex and complicated rhythms.

Many people learning the drums get a traditional drum set, but in recent years, electronic drums have become a popular alternative. You can explore some options for electronic drums at


The piano is another one of those instruments that anyone can play but that takes a lot of practice to play well. But piano is easy to begin to learn.

When people first start playing, it takes some adjustment time because the hands are doing two different things at once. Many people pick up some piano by ear and learn a few of their favourite songs. But if you really want to pursue piano, it is important to learn how to read sheet music. This is true for any instrument you start. Pianos are harder to pick up compared to some instruments due to access. Not everyone has a piano in their homes or has regular access to one. But if you do, it could be a great new skill to pick up.


The ukulele is an incredibly unique instrument with a very unique sound as well.

The ukulele was first used in Hawaii starting in the early 19th century as an adaptation of a similar Portuguese instrument called a machete. The ukulele looks like a very small guitar and typically has four strings. One reason that ukuleles are a good instrument choice for musicians starting out is that they are easy to purchase. Ukuleles can be purchased for fairly low prices compared to many other string instruments. People often find that learning the chords for the ukulele is also easy with only four strings. Once you improve at ukulele, you can transfer those skills to other string instruments.


If you have ever really wanted to learn a brass instrument, you might want to look into trying the trombone. Like with most brass instruments, when you play the trombone, you can change the sound you make through a combination of changing your embouchure and altering the amount of air you use. But the trombone stands out from other brass instruments because of its slide. By moving trombone slide closer to you or farther away, you can drastically alter the pitch produced. Because the trombone is a large and long instrument, it is sometimes better suited for taller people.

Bass Guitar

If you want to pick up an instrument that is on the easier side to learn and that is more geared towards playing in a band, you might like the bass guitar. If you have any previous experience playing regular guitar, learning the bass is not a difficult transition to make. If you already know how to play an upright double bass, the tuning is usually the same. In addition, many bass lines in popular songs are easy to recreate, so once you get the basics on bass guitar down, you can start playing songs and even playing alongside other band members.

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