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Ed Asner Creeps On Female Host While Talking Harvey Weinstein


Ed Asner, who played Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off Lou Grant, was invited to MSNBC to talk about, among other things, Harvey Weinstein and the allegations against him of sexual harassment and assault.

Though he condemned Weinstein and called for him to be punished, Asner may have missed the broader point.

“Not even a kiss?” he asked the female anchor, Chris Jansing, at the very start of the interview.

Asner returned to the kiss several times over the course of the interview.

“I think the offenders have to be punished. I’m sure I’ve been guilty at times of using my overpowering masculinity to beg for kisses. I did when I opened this conversation with you, but I know better than to push it, and Harvey Weinstein, I guess, didn’t know when to stop.”

Chris Jansing expertly pivoted back to the topic of Asner’s book. “There’s a lot of that droll humor in this book.”

But at the end of the interview, Asner reminded Jansing, “You still owe me that kiss.”

We can try to be a little charitable here: Asner is 87 years old, and it seems like he was trying to be funny.

But it was more than a little awkward. And tone-deaf. And, joking or not, he was putting a female news anchor in an uncomfortable position.

Twitter wasn’t too happy about it, either.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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