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Ed Sheeran’s lookalike puppet is starring in his Music Video “Happier”

We last saw the puppet four years back in Ed Sheeran’s video ‘Sing’. This time, the red-haired puppet is starring in the 27-year-old singer’s music video “Happier;” a heartbreaking single from his latest album “divide”.

In the music video, the puppet plays guitar and drinks alone in a bar as he grieves over his ex — who in the video is portrayed by a woman made completely out of balloons — he watches her enjoying her time with a new man, and looking like she’s happier than she ever was with him.

When Ed Sheeran was asked about what the little guy has been up to the last 4 years in an interview with the BBC, the singer mentioned that he has been keeping close tabs on the little dude: by keeping it inside a glass case in West London.

Credit Source: Maria Pasquini, People Music

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