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Edible Bioplastic is Now a Thing

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You just ate a burger from a fast-food restaurant, drank some coffee from a paper cup, and mixed some pre-packaged noodles. Probably not in that order or in that combination at all, but still, what do you do with that wrapper, that cup, or that bowl? Well, the majority of us throw it away.

What if there was an alternative? There is!

Evoware is a new biodegradable food packaging that you can eat! Made from seaweed, which absorbs greenhouse gases, these edible wrappers are tasteless. The enterprise attempts to cut down environmental issues and aid in the production of seaweed farmers.

Next time you struggle with that overwhelming feeling when you throw something in the trash, think of Evoware! If you are brave enough, try it.

[via Mashable]

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