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Eminem Inspires Seth Meyers to Finally Give Trump Supporters an Ultimatum

CREDIT: NBC via YouTube

Eminem has been garnering attention lately for his anti-Trump freestyle rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards, which ended with an ultimatum to his fans: that they can either support Trump, or they can continue to be an Eminem fan, but they can’t do both.

Well, apparently Mr. Mathers has inspired others to take a similarly firm stand. On last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers laid things out unequivocally to his viewers (following it with his own brand of unique vocal wordsmithery):

“Do you support [Trump], or do you support this show that constantly mocks and denigrates everything about him?”

Generally, I’m not a fan of with-us-or-against-us rhetoric, but there are exceptions to just about every rule.

Watch the clip below:

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