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Engineering Students Turn a Barbie Jeep Into a Go-Kart

Remember Power Wheels? Power Wheels were awesome.

If you don’t (or if you were one of the poor saps who, like me, had to settle for a Big Wheel), Power Wheels were basically the kids’ version of a car.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of the day I could get a Power Wheels of my own. I would ride it everywhere: doctor’s appointments, to the bank…hell, maybe I’d even putter down the aisle at my wedding in one. But for years, this dream seemed impossible.

Until now.

Two Georgia Tech engineering students have transformed a Barbie Jeep into a go-kart, dropping in a 6-hp engine that can propel the vehicle up to 30 miles per hour.

There’s no word on why these two heroes decided to take a perfectly good Barbie Jeep and soup it up, but I would imagine they did so for the same reason George Mallory decided to climb Mt. Everest: Because it was there, and because they could.

Sure, some of you might be thinking “Isn’t that incredibly unsafe?” Well, it is, but guess what, nerds: that’s why they invented helmets.

Others might be thinking “So…they invented a less-comfortable version of a riding lawnmower.” Oh, I’m sorry: can you take your lawnmower down residential streets at a healthy 30 mph? Didn’t think so, dork.

If they ever put this thing up for sale, I’ll be first in line. My Power Wheels dreams have been revived.

[via Mashable]

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