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Enter Negan: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Review

Photo: Gene Page, AMC
Photo: Gene Page, AMC

Season six of The Walking Dead had long-promised the arrival of the series most vicious nemesis, Negan. The Saviors were just a predecessor to the immense evil and pain their leader inflicts. Rick underestimated the potential threat, which obviously reaped grave ramifications.

The 90-minute episode gradually built tension throughout, until exploding in the last half hour. The editing in the first 15 minutes was grueling, jumping from three separate scenes of panic. With the group separated, Rick led the others to find their missing comrades and Maggie a doctor. But their attempts only resulted in run-ins with Saviors. The deadly taunting felt like trying to outrun multiple Michael Myers.

Meanwhile Morgan searched for Carol. The bad ass matriarch was mentally unraveled and left Alexandria. Surviving had taken its toll, and she wanted nothing more than to possibly just disappear. She almost received her wish when a Savoir seeking revenge shoots her twice. He readies a third and final blow when Morgan arrives. He’s forced to break his moral code saving Carol. This is the only glimpse of hope in an episode bent on having none.

All hope is snuffed as our protagonists are rounded up like cattle for butchering. Out of the shadows, a dreadful whistling introduces a damn near legion of Saviors. Outnumbered, they have no other choice but to surrender. Their fate lying in the hands of Negan. Wielding Lucille, his chain-laced baseball bat, Negan ridicules Rick for ignoring his demands and murdering his people.

Because of this, someone has to die. In the sickest verse of “eeny meeny miny moe,” Negan violently selects a victim. The season ends with a first-person view of Negan bashing Lucille over a head.

One hell of a cliffhanger for one of TV’s mightiest franchises.

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